Walter Lawrence
Memorial Award Winners

The Walter Lawrence Memorial Award recognizes personal achievement within the World Series Club of Hartford County. Named in honor of two-term club president, Walter Lawrence, who unselfishly gave to the Club in order for it to be what it is today. This award is presented at the final banquet of each year to a member who exhibits outstanding performance on behalf of the Club. 

Walter Lawrence was one of those guys who cared a lot about the Club. He wanted things to be just right. He served on every committee. His contributions were noteworthy over an extended number of years.
— Dick Thurston, Past President


2009     Mike Keating

2008     Arnold Dean

2007     Dave Black

2006     Roger Nelson

2005     Larry Brennan

2004     Joe Leggo

2003     George Mandeville

1992      Hank Carlson

1991       Frank Dobrowski

1990      Jack Sandison

1989      Gerry Berthiaume

1988      Richard Cottone

1987      Richard Puskarz

1986      Tom Zocco

1985      Joe Mandeville

1984      Hy Cohen

1983      Mike Errede

1982      John Wentworth

1981      Gerald Crean

1980     J. Morton Dunn

1979      Ray Begley, Jr.

1978      Fred Quinlivan

1977      Cy Seymour

1976     Harry Ginsburg

1975     Bill Lee

1974     Art McGinley

1973     Gerard Barrieau, Sr.

1972     Kenneth Orr

1971     William Reardon, Jr.